The Health Assurance Company of the Future


The Health Assurance Company of the Future

High stress levels, headache, fatigue, occasional chest pain and more. Thankfully you have health insurance and head to the doctor. After a few questions and possibly some tests, the doctor confirms you have high blood pressure.

What does the doctor recommend?

He tells you to incorporate some physical activity into your daily life. High cholesterol, exercise; weight loss, exercise; osteoporosis, exercise. It all circles back around to good old exercise.

Health insurance is really “sick” insurance if you think about it. Although there are many illnesses we can not avoid, there are plenty we can with a little extra self care.

So how do you replace your health insurance for what we like to call “health assurance”?

We start by assessing how your body moves from head to toe with a movement screening. Why, because your body is unique to you. Your daily activities, your job, your past, your present and your future all determine how your body moves. So it would be silly to compare the fresh out of college athlete to a mother of three kids working a full time job, right?

That’s why we assess, so we can provide you with the certainty for whatever it is YOU need to reach your goals in a safe and effective way.

Ok, so we assessed you and you’re thinking, “now what?” right. With this assessment we now have specific programming to provide you and assure you are doing exactly what your body needs.

Shoulder impingement, minimal range of motion and pain lifting your arm overhead. Not a problem, not only will we work around it, we will work to help fix it. Our goal, simple; move better.

Our goal is ultimately you don’t need us anymore, but you want us. We are looking to build confidence and competence around learning so that you can become more independent with your long term health. We are the health care you want, and society needs.