How Purpose Driven Professionals Operate within a Unique Fitness Space

How does anyone or any business entity make an impact or make a difference in the marketplace? By being 100% clear on their purpose and operating day in and day out from that place.

Most businesses or individuals in life that feel aimless or “just going through the motions” often do so because they have no clear path. No vision, no mission, no core values. They’re just existing in the world.

Today we are going to be sharing our vision, mission and core values with you. The reason? Because we want to invite you into being a part of them. We want to invite you in to helping us fulfill our purpose. We want you to deeply know and believe in the impact you will have as a part of our family.

Our Vision

The big picture. This is the WHAT. Our deepest desire to achieve in the long run.

Our vision is a culture that demonstrates the value of education, exercise and mentorship on physical freedom and positive social influence.

Now, that sounds really great, but what exactly do we mean by that?

One of the big things that we emphasize about our vision is that it is a culture. It’s not just words that are thrown out there because they’re important to us. It’s really about building a culture of people that believe the same thing. They go out into the world, whether that’s into their homes, the grocery store, or their jobs, and they have a culture in and of themselves. They are representing this idea and these values in a way that is having a positive social influence on people around them.

One way that we have seen our vision in action was an event called Millstone Day.

A perfect opportunity for us to show the local community who we are. We demonstrated our value but making connections and helping educate people on the fact that NO we are no longer a crossfit gym. We are now personalizing training and small group sessions, so that we can support you with education, exercise, and mentorship.

Everybody was very interested in what we were doing because they never heard of a ‘gym’ that was like us. We even had to correct people and mention that we’re not a gym. We’re a fitness space where you get way more value than just exercise. That’s where that education and mentorship is. The education and mentorship is everything outside of our fitness space that we provide for our clients. The intentions behind the exercise program, the frequent touch points between workouts, the constant education we are providing to help them learn more about themselves and the process.

Exercise yes. BUT also, education and mentorship.

Our Mission

The WHY behind the what.

Aligning world class support and personal commitment to empower each individual to fully experience their active life.

This is not a small ask of us here as coaches. Personal commitment is something that will empower you in everything you do, whether that’s in this gym, whether that’s on a mountain, at a family event, etc. Every environment you walk into, you have a sense of yourself that you didn’t have before.

We recognize the responsibility we have to instill this quality in our clients. This isn’t something that we take lightly. We want to empower people and the way that we’re doing that is by using world class support to help people live their their active life.

Our Core Values

  1. World Class Support
    • A service or person that is just as committed to you and your goals as you are, if not more. In our case, it’s us as coaches walking side by side with you, not holding your hand, but encouraging and supporting you to get to that next level.
  2. Personal Commitment
    • Having skin in the game. Taking responsibility for the action and decision to prioritize health and wellness.
  3. Physical Freedom
    • Not being fearful or held back by your body to do things that you want to do in and out of the gym. Example: Maybe you don’t lift up your grandkid or your kid as much because you’re fearful that your back is going to tweak. That can hinder a relationship. Physical freedom is so important and one that is only going to enhance the quality of your life.
  4. Positive Social Influence
    • Inward and outward transformation that can only be admired and inspired by others in your life to take action.

Final Thoughts

One last thing that is important to bring up is that these are OUR vision, mission, and core values as a company as a brand, but it’s also OUR core values as individual coaches/people. We also expect and empower our clients to share in the same. So if you’re reading this right now, and you’re like, “Wow, that really resonates with me. I never heard anybody talk about physical freedom like that. But that is something I value”, then you might be a really good fit for us.

Because when you enter into this fitness space and we walk through that consultation together, we’re interviewing each other. Are you a good fit for us? Are we a good fit for you?

For some people, they don’t value education. They solely want to come and get a sweat, a really good workout and walk out the door. Maybe this isn’t the place for you then.

But if you are someone that really values, world class support, personal commitment, physical freedom, and being a positive social influence in any circle that you’re in, then this might really be the best place that you can be.

Thanks for reading and if you want to hear more on this topic, listen to the full podcast episode on either Spotify or Apple that provides more examples, insight, and an opportunity to hear from Coach Dan and Alexa.

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